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Take advantage of a marketing plan that will not only generate website traffic, but will also strive to ensure that the right kind of customer reaches your website.

Access generated reports to see how effective your ads are doing.

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Advantages of Digital Advertising

Targeted Audience:

With digital advertising, businesses can reach their exact audience. Digital platforms offer sophisticated targeting options that allow you to focus on users based on demographics, interests, online behavior, and even their stage in the buying cycle. This helps ensure that your advertising spend is used more efficiently compared to traditional advertising methods.

Measurable Results:

Digital advertising provides detailed analytics that show how well your advertisements are performing. You can track everything from the number of impressions and clicks to conversions and ROI. This data provides insights to help you optimize your campaigns and improve your advertising strategies over time.


Digital advertising allows for real-time adjustments. If an ad isn't performing as well as you'd hoped, you can tweak it or stop it entirely to prevent wasting your budget. This flexibility extends to the format of your ads as well, with options ranging from text and image ads to video, interactive content, and more.


Digital advertising can be more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods. With options like pay-per-click (PPC), you only pay when a user actually interacts with your ad, which can be a more efficient use of your budget. Furthermore, the scalability of digital ads means you can start small and increase your spend as you see positive results.

Global Reach:

The internet has no geographical boundaries. Digital advertising allows businesses to reach potential customers across the globe, or target local audiences with location-specific ads. This can greatly extend a brand's reach and open up new market opportunities.

Depending on what package you choose, your ad could generate upwards of 100,000 impressions. Our team will generate reports and email them to you, giving you an idea of how effective your ad has been.

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Google reviews


"Moraya Bay's custom website turned out better than we expected, all due to the staff and professionalism at Synergy Networks. Their knowledge and expertise helped our company make informed decisions on Google advertising and also gave us ideas on how our website could function better. We couldn't be happier, and have recommended Synergy to every person that complements our website."

Inga Wilson

VP of sales at Moraya Bay and the Grande Preserve at the Dunes

"Since we've started online advertising with Synergy Networks, we've seen a dramatic increase. Especially with our Brand Awareness and increasing traffic to our website. Our mobile presence has been the most dramatic with a combined 165% increase. They have succeeded in getting the word out about LCEC's services, such as paperless billing and online management tools. They have also increased our audience reach by 200% in the process, which was just an extra bonus."

Joe Padgett

Director of Customer Care Operations, LCEC